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Image: 4/366 Beginning by Magic Madzik (CC BY, Flickr)


Beginnings - Bjorn Nansen and Tama Leaver

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Playing Pregnancy - Deborah Lupton and Gareth M Thomas

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Image: Visual storage at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England, by Sarah Stierch (Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY) Image by Julie M. Parsons Image by Chris Devers (2011): 'MIT+150: FAST (Festival of Art + Science + Technology): FAST LIGHT ? voltaDom' (https://www.flickr.com/photos/cdevers/5701830855/) Image: The Nimbin Pole, 1973. Photograph by Chris Meagher. The image is an iconic image from the 1973 Aquarius Festival, the Australian counterculture festival, held in the village of Nimbin in northern NSW, Australia. The pole was the whimsical brainchild of Anouska Wilde.
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